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Lauramid® 3D Filament (PA12)

Two materials with convincing properties: Excellent pressure behaviour, high thermal load capacity, optimum combination of strength and toughness and 100% sustainable.

Lauramid® 3D
N01 (natural, unfilled)

Unfilled ivory coloured material with fine matt surface

Lauramid® 3D
C01 (black, carbon fibre filled)

Black material filled with carbon fibres with fine silky matt surface

material properties


Appealing homogeneous appearance with satin effect - Lauramid® 3D C01 with black surface and Lauramid® 3D N01 in ivory colour.

A strong team

Lauramid® 3D Natural and carbon fibre can also be used as a material composite and thus bring their respective strengths to bear in a component.


Material combinations with Soft PLA or Polyflex (TPU) for gripper applications or the integration of inserts can also be realised without any problems.

Thermally resilient

Lauramid® 3D has a higher temperature resistance (125 °C Vicat B50 - ISO 306) than common 3D printing materials and is dimensionally stable even at higher temperatures and loads.

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Chemical resistance

Lauramid® 3D has good resistance to greases, oils, fuels, hydraulic fluids, many solvents, water, alkalis and salt solutions.

Tribiological properties

Lauramid® 3D has very good tribiological properties: low abrasion, low coefficient of friction and good wear behaviour (plastic against steel).

Dimensionally stable

Lauramid® 3D offers an excellent combination of strength and toughness

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Excellent print behaviour

Low warpage compared to other nylon filaments

Good attachment to the print bed

Wide range of FFF printers available


We recycle 100 percent of Lauramid® 3D from residual material from our other manufacturing processes.

Break the limits of machining

Cavities, undercuts and internal channels - no problem in 3D printing with Lauramid® 3D.

Your project is our passion

Rely on our decades of experience in the application of Lauramid®. From the first sketch to the 3D model, from the prototype to the finished 3D component - From us you get everything from a single source.

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Support with selecting materials

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Contract manufacturing of your components using 3D printing

Reworking of relevant areas as required

Various equipment for filament printing is available

Lauramid® 3D is the basis for sophisticated solutions. We manufacture prototypes, functional components, small series and fixtures.

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